Regarding Japan…

For those of you who don’t believe Japan’s crisis will effect us here in the states, think harder. Economics, manufacturing, climate, more and more. Life on this planet is intrinsically linked and we’re going to see a great number of issues from the disaster in Japan.

I personally believe that there is some extremely difficult times ahead for the race of men. If you’re a religious person, this is a strong indication of your Revelations style events. For you supposed atheists, look at the state of our world, and make a calculated estimate of the next ten years. Scientifically speaking there is evidence pointing to terrible things on our way.

This isn’t meant to depress anyone, but to suggest to you all to get your priorities straight and plan for the worst then be joyous when the worst doesn’t come. As a species we are arrogant and foolishly believe “it’ll never happen to us.” The Japanese are wiser people than us soft, foolish Americans and took great precautions to minimize the destruction should terrible things happen. Look what’s happening there, and know we will fair far worse.

Love you all, get your emergency plan in order, because it can and will happen to us, someday.


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