Regarding world peace

World Peace.

What a concept, what a great thing to strive for.

Unfortunately, the reality of the world makes it easier to use as a goal, something to say proudly to your parents. Church members or teachers.

We all have one, some dynamic statement that we want to see happen, want to believe in. Some pick god, others politics, and many pick the concept of world peace.

At the core of my perception belief system, the way I’ve come to analyze and cope with the problems life offers humanity, is the conflict engine.

The conflict engine deftly explains why religion works, politics always fail, religions become corrupt, bad guys win and miracles and angels exist.

It explains more than any one limited imagination or logical mind can generate. But I was discussing world peace.

The conflict engine works like this. No matter how hard evil or good, the greedy or selfless try to change the world, opposition will always rise up and threaten the success of their ventures. Progress only is made in relation to the opposition, or conflict against the pursued goal.

The conflict engine speaks of balance through imbalance, evolution through decay, good through evil and war through peace.

This makes it sound like no real progress is ever achieved. This is not the case. Great accomplishments are made in life. For example, electricity has been essential in science, medicine and technology and industry. It has saved lives and changed the face of the world. It also made possible such things as nuclear weapons, genetic engineering and biochemical warfare. As humans we are exultant in our electrical world, but casually ignore the devastating results that were born from the same seed.

World Peace. Is it possible? Yes. Is it what we want? Maybe. What is the price we pay for it? Not the trail leading up to it, but the cost that comes because of its birth.

I personally don’t think world peace is really what we want. Our species is another kind of animal, one just like any other. We will do whatever we can do to survive, no matter how cruel. Some believe that Love is the key, like some harry potter film. I am a believer in love, and like all other forms of progress and achievement, I see the conflict and hardships we face to find it, and hold onto it. I don’t think love will bring about world peace because I don’t think as a species we love ourselves enough to see ourselves truly for what and who we are. We look at the terrible Things others do, then pat ourselves on the back for being so different than the monsters in the news, in the dark places. The amusing thing is that those monsters and the rest of us share many similarities. For example. They were doing the same thing before you ever heard of them and shivered.

Love battles deceit, and hatred battles against honesty. We are neither sacred nor profane. We are all animals, beasts whose sense of survival has grown to include a great deal of blind pursuit, and an even larger talent for modifying the way we look at life to keep up the illusion that there is anything but an exchange of advantage and loss all our lives and all around us.


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